GEAS Advisory specialises in introducing capital for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), aiding them in attracting capital investment spanning growth equity, expansion capital, secured debt, debt & equity hybrid packages, private equity and venture capital.

Taking a practical and entrepreneurial approach, we aim to support the development of strong relationships between young and growth companies seeking capital and our established network of investors.

For Corporates

Young companies often struggle to source growth capital, unsure of the best option to take or how to best present their story, often lacking in the knowledge to deal with institutional investors. GEAS Advisory helps to introduce investees to key accredited sources of capital, taking a hands-on approach to ensuring they are best prepared to market and present themselves in front of investors.

Prior to introducing an SME opportunity to investors, initial appraisal and due diligence is undertaken to establish its viability. Following this process, the GEAS investment committee meets weekly to ascertain the relevance of each opportunity, whereby further investigation is carried out prior to potential on-boarding.

Leveraging the strength of our established network of Family Office, Private Equity, Venture Capital and High Net Worth investors, our team of finance specialists then works to source capital on the best terms and structure. GEAS aims to establish long-term connections and deliver additional value through the effects of our trusted investor network.

We believe too many advisors provide too little value by taking a scattergun approach to raising funds; many send out deals to all and sundry without establishing whether such businesses are suitable or viable to those targeted. Our methods are more focused and resourceful, with our team working to determine bespoke deals that will deliver investees’ desired targets at mutually acceptable agreed market terms.

For Investors

For the professional investor community, GEAS Advisory acts as a trusted partner in introducing unique, high-quality investment opportunities from around the globe. We have a track record of building long-term relationships with leading investors and look to deliver lucrative opportunities across a range of specialised asset classes.

When first introduced to an investor, we work to understand their specific criteria to find which of our pre-vetted investment opportunities are most relevant. This ensures that the opportunities we put in front of investors are clearly outlined, valuable and worthwhile.

We believe this no-nonsense, targeted approach differentiates us from other introducers and is appreciated by an investor community seeking high quality deal flow from trusted, established sources.

About Us

Over the last several years, GEAS Advisory has been instrumental in introducing capital for SME companies through private debt or equity across all sectors worldwide, participating in deals totalling over $200m worth of capital raised.

Founded by a former financial services CEO with a career that spans Capital Markets in addition to running multi-strategy funds for US investors, GEAS Advisory has an established track record of dealing with leading UK and global Venture Capital/Private Equity groups, Family Offices and High Net Worth investors.

GEAS is nimble and resourceful, delivering deals that best fit the unique needs of our clients. We are invested in the power of networks and through collaboration with trusted syndicate partners are able to extend the reach and skill set of the company, allowing us to rival the capabilities of much larger organisations.

Our deal flow comes to us mainly via recommendations and referrals from established institutions and a trusted investor base grown over a number of years, which in itself is a testament to how GEAS Advisory is regarded by those it deals with and plays a significant part in the trust we have built as a firm. While you may not hear from us often, it will always be worthwhile given the nature of our introductions being specifically tailored to your interests.

As we truly believe in the companies we represent, GEAS usually takes part of its introductory fees in shares or warrants, or even invests directly in the companies that we work with.

Contact Us

GEAS work to assist SMEs in sourcing funding and presenting their investor decks, while introducing Investors to unique, pre-vetted and high-quality investment opportunities. If you'd like to speak to a member of our team about how we can help your company, then please get in touch today using the form below, by sending us an email or giving us a call.