GEAS Capital Ltd has bespoke solutions for those investors seeking short term high yield with lower principal protected risk.

For Investors

GEAS Capital introduces principal-protected, short term high yield opportunities.  These solutions have been built in co-operation with a trusted law firm and an established FCA regulated fund advisor, and offers an alternative to cash deposits for sophisticated investors such as corporate treasurers, Family Offices and other private investors desiring a return on cash or near-cash deposits.

GEAS Capital introduces lenders to these opportunities that are uncorrelated to the return from any other given group of assets, delivering strong performance throughout difficult prevailing market conditions. Our team is a group of highly skilled and innovative financial experts with a long and successful track record in private placements across both debt and equity, who can help clients expand their investment policy, access unique opportunities and achieve their desired goals.

For Corporates

GEAS Capital introduces flexible debt financing with a small equity component for small-to-medium growth companies, taking a more attractive, innovative approach to structuring and investment terms than many private debt lenders.

Since 2008, there has been less desire from banks for corporate lending in the SME sector, meaning that companies have less access to flexible debt finance in a contemporary setting. Venture lenders often require a significant equity stake in the business and other private lenders have strict criteria with regards to asset coverage and leverage ratios.

Working with private lenders based across the globe, GEAS Capital is able to offer bespoke, senior secured debt solutions that provide an alternative for SMEs looking to expand their growth potential where bank lending is not available, or to avoid the dilution cost of an equity investment. For instance, one of our private lenders seeks to support companies across various stages of growth whilst providing a lower cost capital than equity alternatives.

Leveraging the power of our private lender network enables GEAS Capital to introduce terms that are structured to suit the requirements and circumstances of each business.

Typical Investment Criteria

GEAS Capital works with SME investees that are able to exhibit:

Strong growth in their
underlying business

Positive revenue and
profitability, or a clear path
to profitability

Strong cashflows and/or asset backing

Opportunity-driven projects

Effective management teams

Strong equity upside

About Us

GEAS Capital was founded by Graham Elliott, a former CEO of investment firms Jefferies and MF Global in Japan with a 30-year financial career spanning sales & trading, deal origination and capital markets, along with several years co-running a multi-strategy fund trading in convertible bonds and long/short equity and credit.

Working with key partners already established in the industry, Graham and the GEAS team drew on their collective experience and knowledge of dealing with Family Offices and other investors across the globe to provide both:

  • Creative solutions that would deliver returns for investors seeking high yield with a lower risk profile than widely available.
  • A desirable option for mid-market companies looking to pursue growth, expansion or development targets without resorting to expensive venture style debt or equity finance.

We believe in the strength of developing valuable connections and invest the time in truly understanding and evaluating each potential opportunity. This allows us to introduce bespoke solutions that deliver on the desired outcomes of investors and corporates alike, establishing a culture of trust among our client base and leading to profitable, long-term relationships.

Contact Us

GEAS work to assist SMEs in sourcing funding and presenting their investor decks, while introducing Investors to unique, pre-vetted and high-quality investment opportunities. If you'd like to speak to a member of our team about how we can help your company, then please get in touch today using the form below, by sending us an email or giving us a call.