Graham Elliott

Managing Director

Graham founded GEAS in November 2014 to expand upon his experiences in working with young UK companies. During a successful 30 year career in the financial markets, Graham reached the position of CEO at two separate US securities firms in Japan.His career spans sales, trading and banking over a variety of different instruments and markets at large banks such as Merril Lynch and Nikko Citi. His career included several years as a multi-strategy hedge fund manager trading convertible bonds, equities and credit.

Expanding on both his historic network and experience and his growing familiarity with the needs of earlier stage companies in the UK, Graham set about building GEAS Advisory into an alternative option for young companies seeking advice. Graham applies his comprehensive skill set to introduce interesting growth investments to potential investors.

Michael Chinnick

Sales Director

Michael began his career in 1984 for Cresvale International in the City of London trading Japanese convertible bonds and equity warrants and continued to do so as a senior trader in the company’s newly established Tokyo Branch in 1988. In 1993 he was hired by the Morgan Stanley Japanese desk, then the European equity trading team, which became a leading revenue driver for the firm.

In late 2000 Michael was hired by Credit Suisse to build an equity facilitation and proprietary desk in Tokyo. In 2003 was hired by Deutsche Bank Tokyo and was successful in achieving multiple growths.

In 2011 Michael established a Japanese trading desk for MF Global in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Michael moved to the buy-side trading Japanese and Hong Kong equities/derivatives and then expanded into Private Equity and Secondary markets building up an expanded client base with Mandarin Capital Ltd in before joining GEAS Advisory in early 2019.

At GEAS, Michael is responsible for handling all sales business with a particular focus on Asia, utlising his strong networks with both investors and companies globally, supporting growth across all regions, introducing further capital and companies seeking finance

Harry Elliott


Harry joined GEAS as an associate in 2016, after working several years as a listed financial derivatives broker at BGC Partners, a leading US brokerage. At BGC, Harry handled sales and execution across a wide array of listed products, including fixed income, commodities, and equity futures and options. During his time, he spoke with institutional buy-side clients on both trade execution and formulating, writing and providing alpha seeking trade ideas for some of Europe’s largest Hedge Funds.

At GEAS, Harry was responsible for the origination, selection, structuring of new deals and on-boarding of new companies. From his experience in financial markets coupled with his time reading Business at Birkbeck, University of London, he has a strong understanding of macro-economic trends and multiple asset classes.  He Joined Liquidnano, a company which GEAS introduced capital for, and remains a consultant to GEAS. At Liquidnano, he is consulting on strategy, operations and finance for the group, which features fast growing, nanotechnology based, protective coating products. At GEAS, Harry still maintains relationships with corporates and investors alike, and seeks to bring further corporate introductions to GEAS Advisory/Capital through his exposure to the SME growth industry sector.


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Nick David

Rob Ebert

James Turner

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