Who We Are

GEAS Advisory is a Guernsey based, private capital markets boutique specialising in raising capital for category leading entrepreneurs, and world class asset managers.

We provide both capital introductory and advisory services, working with founders to facilitate the most appropriate marriages of capital. We operate within Venture Capital, Private Equity and Private Debt for global opportunities across a wide array of sectors, but with particular focus on Planetary Health, Technology, B2B, Selective Real Estate, Biotech/Medtech and Retail/Consumer linked opportunities.


In Celtic folklore means an obligation imposed on a person.

What We Do

At GEAS, our obligation to our clients is not just delivering a successful transaction, but leveraging our highly experienced team and our extensive network to build and promote long term partnerships between companies and their investors, and managers and their limited partners. We take a creative, and entrepreneurial focused approached towards the introduction of the most beneficial capital. We introduce investors to highly curated opportunities that have come from our entrepreneur network or our General Partner & Family Office relationships. We are most active in the Planetary Health, Technology, B2B, Selective Real Estate, Biotech/Medtech and Retail/Consumer linked space though not exclusively and we will look at other areas if we believe we can add value.


Our offering is delivered through our two different products; GEAS Advisory and GEAS Capital:

GEAS Advisory

Acting as Introducer
between Professional and institutional investors, including Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds and Family Office/High Net Worth investors and SME businesses seeking:




Private Equity

Secured Debt


Debt & Equity
Hybrid Packages

GEAS Capital

Acting as introducer between Managers and Limited Partners and
across the capital stack, including a treasury ESG product used by major blue chip corporations:

Investors seeking to deploy
cash, or near-cash equivalents
for lower risk yield.

Young Companies
Seeking Growth Finance

How We Operate

The cornerstone of our modern and nimble approach is a focus on building trusting relationships between companies and their investors. We take the time to truly understand each client and their criteria, introducing deals tailored to their individual circumstances and requirements.

Leveraging a trusted network of syndicate partners allows our team of experienced advisors to deliver a service that rivals the capabilities of much larger organisations, without the large upfront fees. Our strength lies is establishing valuable connections, putting our expertise at the forefront to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our team is dynamic and resourceful, with a reach and skillset gained through a collective 100+ years of experience in banking, M&A, legal, origination, trading and sales.


The complex world of finance can be daunting to navigate for young businesses seeking capital. When working with investees, we advise on the most suitable capital structure and terms while preparing them to present in front of established investors, ensuring the best possible introduction.


Investors can expect us to deliver quality, reliable opportunities. Our preliminary, in-house due diligence allows us to evaluate SME prospects and present clients with pre-vetted opportunities that meet their clear set of investment criteria, resulting in more relevant and valuable deals.

Contact Us

GEAS work to assist SMEs in sourcing funding and presenting their investor decks, while introducing Investors to unique, pre-vetted and high-quality investment opportunities. If you'd like to speak to a member of our team about how we can help your company, then please get in touch today using the form below, by sending us an email or giving us a call.